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Cyprus as a country conjures in one’s mind images of deep blue seas, ancient ruins, ancient monuments, Mediterranean breezes, and breath taking views.  It also brings to mind the 9000 year old civilization which reflects throughout the islands history.  Cyprus certainly has a past of gigantic proportions, but has also demonstrated a flair for the contemporary.  This is a diverse island that has much to offer its inhabitants. A nation full of history, beautiful sandy beaches, finest cuisine and multinational heritage reflects throughout the island.  Cyprus has something for everyone. Easily accessible through both international airports, Cyprus may be treated as a spring board to accessing the rest of Europe and beyond.  The people of Cyprus  take a lot of pride in their past culture, the present and what the future hold for them as a whole and are extremely receptive of other nations and cultures throughout Cyprus as twenty percent of the population are made up of expats from all over the globe.  Cyprus is a mingling of old and new.  A fantastic country that’s easy to navigate. It has the culmination of the sea, mountains and everything in between making it an all round place to live, work and play.